Arthur Mixer in Audio Post

by Schertler SA

The Arthur format48 is a groundbreaking new audio instrument.

What you see at first glance is a modular mixing console, that offers the possibility to build your own mixing tool with a flexibility the market never has seen before. There are several different units you can combine in a few minutes in whatever sequence or number.

However, the heart of this mixer, the electronic, might be even more outstanding. Never has been seen a mixer on the market with an electronic circuitry free of negative feedback (NFB) from input to output. Also all Filters and summing amps, for many electronic designers not imaginable without NFB, are released in this high-speed “straight ahead” design without slowing down back loops, resulting in an ultra fast response and natural, unflatten attack, not achievable with NFB-circuits. Consequently, all circuits are purely made with single components and without integrated circuits, in discrete Class A, pure high-voltage DC-amps (there is not one capacity in the signal path), offering 30dB headroom, low noise and unveiled stability, warmth and transparency.

Arthur format 48 offers extreme flexibility when it comes to the customization and even more important its sound might outperform many of the important mixing desks, or said in a different way, it will be hard to find a better sounding mixer than the Arthur.

The Arthur is designed for those producers who doesn’t want to miss any nuance of their recording, to make the most of the sound in all its dimensions. The speed of sound propagation means that all the transinets are delivered without losses and this simplifies the work so that the engineer does not have to use additional equipment to improve the recorded sound but simply turn up the volume. 
Many post-production engineers already found is as their perfect tool thanks to its great sound and unbeaten flexibility.

Rob Griffin and Stephan Schertler in conversation.

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