The Art of Pho

'When little blue is dropped in Hi Chi Minh City his salvation is found through his own mobile Pho stand. Little Blue's relationship with the city and its food brings an understanding of what it means to never want to return home and the fact that inevitably everyone leaves in the end.'

The Art of Pho, part travelogue, part dream, part cookbook, was originally conceived as a comic book. Submarine Channel took the initiative to transform it into an online interactive animated comic and turned to us for the sound design and music. Working in an interactive environment meant rethinking our entire workflow, as time is suddenly not a stable factor anymore. Practically, this meant a lot of thinking, testing, re-thinking and tweaking to get where we wanted to be. In this process, we worked closely with lead animator Lois van Baarle and Flash programmer Karel Brascamp.
The interactive version can be watched here:
The soundtrack is also available on iTunes.