Spannende Geschiedenis

The province of Gelderland has a rich history that dates back thousands of years; a captivating past that has left a lasting mark on the region’s landscape.

A fascinating world of prehistoric burial mounds, marching Roman legionaries, Medieval castles, Napoleonic forts; royal country estates, industrial revolution, Nazi occupation, nuclear fallout: everything from the hardships of serfdom to the luxuries of the nouveau riche.

To revive and support tourism in the area Arnhem and Nijmegen in the east of Holland, RBT KAN initiated 'Spannende Geschiedenis'. A project based around a comprehensive website which includes audio stories, video's, historical facts and walking routes. Unique about this project is the implementation of the content in the landscape. When visiting a historical site, you can use a smartphone to navigate to the website of the project. The website will automatically recognise your location, and provide the appropriate historical background and audio story!