Het Grachtenhuis

Since 2010 the Amsterdam canals are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Therefore, the creation of a museum dedicated to this wonderful area was inevitable. Located at a beautiful spot on the Herengracht, Het Grachtenhuis is sure to attract many visitors from around the world. Exhibition architects Kossmann.dejong asked us to conceptualize and create the soundscapes for this informative yet entertaining museum experience. A total of 12 voice actors were recorded, including renownded Dutch actor Jack Wouterse. In addition to this, we made a beautiful recording of 'water musician' Reinier Sijpkens with his organ and trumpet!

Watch a short documentary about the making of "Het Grachtenhuis":


Since its opening, the museum received good reviews and attendance was high. Therefore, Het Grachtenhuis decided to extend the project and implement another six languages: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese and Japanese. It was a huge job, but it paid off: this year at the Keying into the Brain Media Festival, Het Grachtenhuis won a Gouden Reiger in the category 'Ruimtelijke Media en Gelegenheidsprojecten'!