Angelus Novus

Ali and his younger brother, together with their parents are life-long immigrants from Afghanistan. They just arrived in Turkey. Every day they go to school and work hard the rest of the day as shoe shiners on the street. Both have one dream in common: work hard to save money and go after their uncle Kakay who has been traceless since he left Turkey with the trafficker for the West. A great deal of their earnings goes to the rent. One day they found out that another kid occupied their working spot for shoe shining. A fight breaks and they kick the other boy badly. Since the fight, the peace disappears from their inner human nature as a kid. More sadly, Ali’s childhood is gone for good when he sees that the boy they kicked is a Syrian refugee and has the same destiny as them.

What we hear these days about Middle East are war and madness. Many groups fight against many others. People get killed and many take a refuge in the neighborhood countries. Turkey, as the bridge between east and west has become one of the countries where many refugees take a temporary shelter. Recently millions of Syrian refugees have come to Turkey who live under a tough and poor conditions. Many of this huge number of homeless people have to struggle for survival. The story of ‘’Angelus Novus’’ is a snapshot of their daily life. The name Angelus Novus is inspired by the notes of Walter Benjamin on the famous Paul Klee’s painting ‘’ Angelus Novus’’- the Angel carries the history but still dreams of flying forward. Neither history nor the future can take the heavy weight of the daily life from the Angel’s shoulders.

Angelus Novus was selected for screening at the 44th International Film Festival in Rotterdam.

Angelus Novus at IFFR