Zero Waste

Myopic official policies, coupled with huge economic interests in waste management, have already caused irreversible damage. Zero Waste is a film that follows the case of the city of Naples, which, after decades of waste crisis, seems to have today a new hope thanks to the new mayor Luigi de Magistris, whose campaign focused on dealing with the garbage and Mafia issues.
Will the city of Naples be able to turn from the worst into the best example of waste management in the world?

Raffaele Brunetti is a producer and director of documentary films. Films he has directed have been distributed in 160 countries. In recent years, documentaries he has coproduced with European broadcasters have been shown in cinemas and on TV as well at major festivals including IDFA, HOT DOCS, Full Frame and Festival dei Popoli. He has received numerous awards, including the Award for Creative Excellence at the US International Film Festival, the Golden Globe, the Ondas award for Best Documentary in 2009, the Jury Award at the Guanghzou festival and two major nominations (BANFF and Shanghai).

                                                                             Raffaele Brunetti