Control on our daily lives increases and privacy is disappearing.
How is this exactly happening and in which way will it effect all our lives?
Technology is becoming better and more interesting every day, and more important: we are the digital generation, we can have more freedom, we can become smarter, we can be more creative, we are one with our friends, we are living the techno dream… right?

On the question whether our privacy is important, Dutch people say ‘No’ more than any other European nation. How is that possible?

With this documentary, Peter Vlemmix leads us behind the curtain of our daily life, revealing a world of hidden camera and spying eyes. He decided to investigate what the current state of privacy in his nation is. Are we being watched? How do we deal with the rise of the surveillance state into our life?

Watch the full documentary:

About the music:

Highly digital and contemporary, this music score is soaked with a lot of suspence and mystery, fast beats and percussive textures that keep the tension at high levels throughout the enitre film.
Dark atmospheres and drones were used to confront the audience with the constant unpleasant feeling of being watched by the state of surveillance. From time to time, a thematical element played by a very transparent sounding piano rises out from the texture and characterizes the "glass eye" Panopticon. 

The music was composed by one of our talented composers Sebastian Schatz, a specialist of electronic music and beat programming.

                                                                       Composer Sebastian Schatz