La tua casa é la mia città

A glimpse into the graffiti scene, through the story of Sandro, aka Kenzo 144. The passage from illegal to legal writing, and the damages on his charge estimated to 300'000 Swiss Francs. A journey into a culture hard to define, that will end with the fulfillment of a dream: painting in the Bronx with some of the writers that bombed the city of New York in the seventies. This documentary was directed by Andrea Pellerani and produced by Tiziana Soudani from Amka Films in collaboration with the Swiss Italian Broadcaster (RSI).

About the music score:

the music we created for La tua casa è la mia città (“Your home is my city”) includes various elements, first among which the fascination for the territory and for the landscape, two aspects that stand as setting and source of inspiration for graffiti writing. The music contains many influences from trip-hop, but it is not bound to a precise style. Same as when people paint graffiti, our composition wants to give space to improvisation and to the inspiration of the moment. The music absorbs sounds, colors, lights and sensations from the locations where graffiti are made in order to transmit a strong and incisive aesthetic, which is probably the most important reason why a young man like Sandro feels the urge to paint on walls. At the beginning, the music will surprise us thanks to a wonder of colors and sensations, bringing us to the subsequent impact with reality, or better said, to the moment when Sandro chooses the way to compromise and to legal writing. 

The soundtrack album of La tua casa è la mia città is available on iTunes