Keep on Steppin'

Some months ago Submarine casually asked us to record a couple of voiceovers. Little did we know we were about to record the cream of the crop of Dutch film and theatre actors: Gijs van Scholten Asschat, Peter Blok, Carine Crutzen, Pierre Bokma and Dorothy Heady-Caroll. Icing on the cake was the inspiring collaboration with director Marjoleine Boonstra and designer Jurriaan Esmeijer. Keep on Steppin' is a crossmedial project consisting of five short films, an interactive website, a documentary app for the iPad, the book Koeraaj Koeraaj and an exposition in Gallery Witteveen in Amsterdam. In this project, Marjoleine Boonstra meets people who have experienced war, a hurricane, the loss of a child. Months or even years after the fact, when journalists are long gone and media coverage has ceased, she encounters them. They show their sorrow and above all, their will to survive. Keep on Steppin' is a beautifully made ode to the resilience of the human mind. The project will be on national television mid June, together with the lauch of the iPad app. Extracts of the recordings will be online soon after the television premiere. UPDATE: Keep on Steppin' was aired June 21st, on public broadcaster HUMAN. If you missed it, see it here: Keep on Stepping @ Uitzending Gemist