How can we truly understand life without experiencing death? We simply can't. In life, we try to envision and dream whatever is beautiful, to understand how beauty can keep us alive in many moments, preventing us, whenever possible, from experiencing the crude and terrifying consciousness of death.

With Arvacksa, director Dawood Hilmadi uses the violence of death as a concept to glorifiy life. The story narrates of a hitman which is about to execute his victim but is then overcome by compassion.

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About the music:

Taking inspiration from music scores in films by Lars von Trier and David Lynch, we designed and produced a lot of drones and dark atmospheres to underline the dramatic and crude tone set by the storyline. 
Arvacska is a film about death and violence but moreover it is also an interrogation about life.
To express the human nature and fragility of the two principal characters we used an electric guitar, an instrument that has the potential to sound rough but also extremely delicate. In addition, we recorded also soprano voices to underscore the moment of redemption and peace when, towards the end of film, the instinct and desire of life brings the two characters to abandon the concept of violence and therefore, embrace the beauty of life.