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Composers Wanted!

Pastelle Music is currently looking for highly talented music composers/producers with a strong experience in the applied music field. The selected composers will have the possibility to join an already existing community of outstanding professionals composers, audio engineers, voice actors and music/post-production supervisors in 24 different countries around the globe. Becoming a composer in the Pastelle Music’s network means to make your work available to an extensive audience, as well as being engaged in our clients’ requests for original production.

Desired Skills and Experience

Our recruiting criteria for the new aspiring composers are as follows: 

·       Extraordinary artistic quality and remarkable music production skills 

·       Experience with music scoring for motion picture and/or related audiovisual production 

·       A unique music style 

·       Ability to author sound-alikes 

·       Familiarity with different music genres 

·       Ability to work under pressure and deadline awareness


Please send us example of your music and CV to