Pastelle Music

It’s been seven years since the establishment of Pastelle Music and seven years on we are still going strong!

With International clients spanning from the Film, Advertising, Gaming to the Interactive Media industries, we have acquired the capability and versatility to create unique audible content for any kind of audiovisual production at the highest level. 

Pastelle Music produces and composes soundtracks for the world of advertising, broadcast design, interactive and film. 

We are proud to be home to a network of over 75 outstanding professionals composers, audio engineers, voice actors and music/post-production supervisors in 24 different countries around the globe. 

At Pastelle Music we believe in the power that music and sound can create around an image and on the emotional influence that it has for people.

That’s why we always start every production with a deep silence followed immediately by an extensive research.

Like this, we make sure to select the best team, to define colors and strategy and to mix all those required ingredients, to serve to our clients a sounding concept, that is as much original and tailor-made as possible.