what we offer

original music composition and production

We love to compose and produce original music that perfectly fits the need of every production. If you believe that your production deserves an original and customized score, we welcome you to get in touch for a demonstration of our potential. Thanks to our network of outstanding composers and music producers, we constantly create excellent new music to emulate every possible mood and intention.


music supervision

Make us part of your crew! We help directors, producers and agencies define and detect the best concept and strategy for their music requirement. We also take good care of music right clearances and know how to organize effective recordings of a simple flute up to a large orchestra.


music licensing

In less than three years activity, our catalogue has grown to over 15000 original music works that can be easily licensed for every commercial use. In addition, thanks to our partnership with different publishers and music organizations, we have easy and immediate access to over 300'000 music tracks. Just let us know what you are looking for. The chance that we will find it is more than great!


audio post production 

In the experience with our clients, bringing music development, sound design and mix under the same roof, has not only proven to be extremely cost effective, but it is also an excellent strategy for the entire creative process. When dealing with a complete audio post production, we establish a perfect work flow between creatives, making sure that everything will work out smoothly from beginning to the end.


sound design

We regularly collaborate with a selected number of sound designers and audio engineers which are highly experienced in working in a context such as feature film and interactive media. Their expertises cover all the necessary steps for a successful sound post production.


sound branding

Create a memorable sound that emphasizes your brand identity. Let us know about your business and the services that you offer. We analyze brands and design all sort of sounds to help you better characterize and target your products.


ADR / voice over recordings

Our recording experience has helped us build a network to over 100 professional voice actors which natively speak English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese. Let us know if you want to hear some examples and receive assistance for a professional casting.


mix 2.0 / 5.1

Whether we are dealing with an internet infomercial, a feature film, a music album or a radio program, we make sure that the result of our work will sound great on every possible speaker, headphone or audible device. We also frequently collaborate with different theaters to ensure maximum surround compatibility for productions destinated to cinema and film festivals.